Éamon’s New Torture Chamber

…aka “crib.”


Ian and I put this together last night. We had his old crib, but it was a dropside and we lost some of the screws to put it together, so we decided we might as well get a new one, especially when I found one on sale with a bonus free mattress included. This one is convertible, so when Éamon is old enough for a toddler bed, we don’t necessarily have to boot Alisdair out of his bed to a twin right away (unless there’s a new baby using the crib.)

The plan right now is that Éamon will sleep with us still at night, so the crib will be used for naptime (he already has tried crawling off the bed, and guardrails only work if you aren’t actively trying to get around them!) Around the time he gets closer to a year old, we might start seeing if he’d be willing to accept sleeping in the crib (doing some gentle nightweaning at that point). The crib lives in our room at the moment. After he gets comfortable sleeping there at night, we’ll try moving him in with his brother, and then the two of them can play all night if they want, but at least they won’t be disturbing us! (Is that how it works?)

Right now, though, Éamon’s crib is more “novel plaything” than anything else:


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